The Americans have Johnny Appleseed, which was based on the real life adventures of an early American named John Chapman.  John was born “on Monday in apple-cider time”, September 26, 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts. 

1770’s USA was a famous decade in most of American history.  As the legends go, Johnny left home early in September, circa 1890.  He was loaded down with seeds he had collected from cider presses in Pennsylvania.  He was around 18 or 19.  He traveled the American wilderness for 49 years, sowing his seeds across an estimated area of 100,000 square miles.  Some of these trees are still bearing fruit after 150 years.  John is credited with creating orchards in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

Another biological quest at the time (nationally) was the quest to introduce hemp across the nation.  The first explorers sowed the hemp seed in fertile soil of the new lands to supplement their stocks as they explored inland.  It often grew wild as they would abandon their fields and plant again the next spring in another area.

The first Presidents of the USA urged the early settlers to cultivate Hemp.  It was abundant and the new nation financed their beginnings with it.  All was fine and then the 20th century arrived and brought Fossil fuel and racial division.  Marijuana’s true name is Cannabis.  Cannabis is the female version of industrial Hemp.  In a single sex environment the plants will transform into the needed gender to continue the plant species.  It is the perfect weed.  Unfortunately, Hemp’s versatility is also its’ downfall.   By 1950, Hemp was lumped into the same category and criminalized.  In the US at the time of this writing, it is still illegal in any form.

It is a weed.  It needs very little maintenance.   Left growing unhindered in vast fields it would have spread to the surrounding areas very quickly.  It is not bothered by pests or disease.  It is very good for the environment; several generations will grow in a growing season adding nitrogen and other beneficial elements to the soil.  Areas can be cleared (cheaply with a profit) and perfect for other uses.   In fact, the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl is slowly being cleaned with wild Hemp.    Cannabis Hemp absorbs 5 times as much CO2 as any other plant.

Industrial Hemp (the Males) contain none of the makeup of Cannabis Hemp.  Industrial Hemp can be used to make well over 120,000 useful and biodegradable carbon neutral products.  Cars could be made (Bumper to Bumper) from Hemp.  Hemp could also fuel those vehicles. Everything from paper stationary to houses for the homeless can be made from Industrial Hemp. 

The females can produce seeds that are very high in all the essential fatty acids that we need to survive.  The leaves can be mixed with butter for all sorts of culinary delights.  The oils make a nutrient rich skin cream, the rich oils from Medicinal females are also preventative “wellness” products that can prevent (& possibly cure) cancer and many other conditions of internal disorder.

We need to return to those early days of North America.  Presently, laws in all 3 countries of North America prevent this from happening.  Some of us take lessons from history.  Johnny Appleseed traveled for 45 years across virgin territory introducing the Apple to the new land.  Look how common the apple is today.  We can be his modern day counterparts sowing hemp.   Become Jimmy Hempseed at the earliest opportunity in the fertile soils near your community.

If Hemp were to be discovered on the Whitehouse lawn as well as the lawns of the Parliament in Ottawa, growing wild and unhindered across the nations wilderness areas the governments would have no choice but to legalize it (unrestricted). 2 plants growing wild and unhindered in every Provence and State in North America would surly spread to cover the continent.  Communities in the Provinces and States would begin to cultivate Industrial Hemp into the thousands of biodegradable products it could be used for.  Seeds and oils would be used to keep the citizens of those communities healthy and wealthy.

One positive side effect of the Hemp fields (Wild or cultivated) is how the environment will react.  We could meet our global commitments to become carbon neutral and slowly repair the damage that over 80 years of Fossil Fuel abuse that has occurred since Cannabis Hemp and Industrial Hemp were taken out of the environment.  It would also provide alternative “wellness” medicine so people might not get as sick. 

Industrial Hemp is legal in Canada, illegal in the USA.  Due to tight regulations imposed by the federal Government in Canada, few people are cultivating Hemp in any form.  Hemp’s ability to switch genders and become low grade Cannabis-Hemp (*for the seeds that allow the plant to survive for generations) in a single sexed environment has ended many cultivated farms.

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