This is an excellent speech which addresses the real feelings of the American people.  Hell, this is even the thought in Canada, where leading medical professionals are now demanding the government look into decriminalization, tossing their voice in with several former Provincial Premieres, law officials and the majority of our people's nation!  We must help our American neighbors in their struggle for legalization as they control Canada's law concerning Cannabis prohibition.  
Cancer is just one human ailment that this affects (positively with no toxic after effects)
Seriously...  I guess these are the rage in California (likely coming soon to British Columbia) but according to the news story I am about to link to, not in New Zealand...
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I would not go as far as saying POT is completely harmless.  Just see what happens when you are lying in bed, toking to the extreme and you pass out.  A hot Roach sharing the bed with you can be extremely painful, if not fatal...  I found  this blog page for the comparison between mortality rates of seemly  harmless activities and "friendly" animals and ends with the fact that POT has never been blamed entirely in the death of any living creature in over 5,000 years of use.  It really puts things in perspective.  Enjoy!