Yea, I said cure...  A new Harvard study claims Marijuana (Hemp-Cannabis) cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread!
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The war on drugs is hurting the planet.  Hemp itself is legal in Canada, however due to US influence on our soils, it is not encouraged as a major commodity in Canadian trade.  If the planet would give up on the Refer-Madness mentality, what would our planet look like?
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How does pot affect human health?  Is it not used by only by long haired easy living "hippies" that got lost in a 1960's fueled world?  How can it have any medical value?  The secret is that POT has a bunch of chemicals in it, working together to attack cancer cells and aid in numbing inflamed nerve endings among the mixture of a hundred + more chemicals mainly contributing to human wellness..  THC is the part that makes you "happy" and reduces feelings of depression by attaching to the Cannaboid receptors in the brain in all of earth's natural creatures.  Mixed in with the THC is a chemical called CBD. 

Cancer Cells do not die, that is how they form Tumors.  They grow unchallenged by the fate that cells face when their life cycle normally ends.  CBD's attach themselves to Cancer cells and apparently has the ability to turn on the "switch" in the cell that allows it to die, therefore stopping the uncontrolled growth .  For persons with other conditions (MS, Lupus, Chronic pain Syndrome, Aids, etc...), this CBD also is what numbs the nerves that are inflamed, thereby reducing pain up to 80 percent. in a large percent of patients.

The whole marijuana plant is best for any patient vs artificial THC pills.  The method of ingestion (smoking, vaporizing and eating) all lead to different effects on the body.  OD is not possible.  if you are using it for a medical use, it would be best to seek a product high in this chemical.  A wizened grower will be concerned about CBD levels in the quality weed they distribute, and a reputable medically aware dealer would be able to supply one high in this naturally occurring chemical.

YOUTUBE:  CPMCRI's Dr. Sean McAllister - THC and CBD

OK, some of you may find this hard to believe however I did use Cannabis to overcome my 35 year addiction to Tobacco and to the best of my knowledge,  I escaped from Tobacco's grip unscathed unlike quite a few other quitters who developed serious complications due to the harming effects of this poisonous treat.  Could the Cannabis use have prevented my developing a problem?  The way my life has gone since my teen years, I would not think that I was lucky enough to avoid any complication from such a risky habit; this must be the truth.

When I was younger, I would smoke tobacco like a chimney, and at one point up to 1/4 oz of weed would be consumed daily by me and my buds.  When I turned 20 I gave up on weed.  I would not smoke it except for once or twice at Camp while I worked in the bush (to help me sleep some exhausting nights) but I would not go to camp without 2 cartons of Tobacco Cigarettes. 

When I fought forest fires in the Provence of BC during the 1980's I was the only non-native (non-first nation) on our Unit Crew.  I was called the non-toking token white boy.  Just to upset that title I would have one toke every 3 fires after the day ended. 

When I turned 34 I was diagnosed with MS and at 35 they tagged me as clinically depressed.  It seemed I had been undiagnosed with depression since early childhood according to the shrinks I sawThe age they mentioned was 5 years old; coincidentally I began my 35 year stint of Smoking Tobacco at that age.  The depression caused me to have a sleep disorder that would see me stay awake for days, then sleep for an equal amount of time.  My ex got me some weak shake (bunk marijuana- mostly leaves) which when smoked, relieved my sleep disorder.   At age 39 and 10 months I made the decision to quit tobacco completely and it was some more shake that helped me overcome tobacco.