Happy Sunday!I  I had a weedless weekend all this weekend.  I woke up this AM at 2:30 am after falling asleep around 11:30pm and did not get back to sleep till about 7:30.  That sucked as the night before I fell asleep early and woke up at 3.  Good thing it's the weekend but I need to sleep tonight.  Scary thoughts rolled through my mind and made me study the wonder of our society in the illegal side of Medical Marijuana.  If I was addicted to Meth, Crack, or any one of any of the Opiates I would have no freaking problem getting medicated.   Weed dealers are laid back and you are very lucky not to piss them off when you show up looking for credit while they sleep; even in the afternoon.

Usually when I wake up that early I usually just light up a joint.  puff puff (imagine a pass).  Imagination sucks when even puff puff is imaginary and reduced to playing the above song repeatably   I really need a bag of weed.  No money on hand kind of messes with having enough supply to last between paychecks.

Hmmmm.  I tried the first 3 that came onto my messenger through 2 days unsuccessfully.  No stock; laughter, no response to call,  angry outburst at giving credit...  Seems the suppliers on that side are not to sympathetic when it comes to trusting their clients...  Oh well, at least Weed "addiction" is not bad like pharmaceutical withdrawal...  Wait- Bud on Norwood.  Cool.  SCORED ~3:20pm; heading to 420 and uploading at 5:20... ---> Shoot -I'm late!