OK, some of you may find this hard to believe however I did use Cannabis to overcome my 35 year addiction to Tobacco and to the best of my knowledge,  I escaped from Tobacco's grip unscathed unlike quite a few other quitters who developed serious complications due to the harming effects of this poisonous treat.  Could the Cannabis use have prevented my developing a problem?  The way my life has gone since my teen years, I would not think that I was lucky enough to avoid any complication from such a risky habit; this must be the truth.

When I was younger, I would smoke tobacco like a chimney, and at one point up to 1/4 oz of weed would be consumed daily by me and my buds.  When I turned 20 I gave up on weed.  I would not smoke it except for once or twice at Camp while I worked in the bush (to help me sleep some exhausting nights) but I would not go to camp without 2 cartons of Tobacco Cigarettes. 

When I fought forest fires in the Provence of BC during the 1980's I was the only non-native (non-first nation) on our Unit Crew.  I was called the non-toking token white boy.  Just to upset that title I would have one toke every 3 fires after the day ended. 

When I turned 34 I was diagnosed with MS and at 35 they tagged me as clinically depressed.  It seemed I had been undiagnosed with depression since early childhood according to the shrinks I sawThe age they mentioned was 5 years old; coincidentally I began my 35 year stint of Smoking Tobacco at that age.  The depression caused me to have a sleep disorder that would see me stay awake for days, then sleep for an equal amount of time.  My ex got me some weak shake (bunk marijuana- mostly leaves) which when smoked, relieved my sleep disorder.   At age 39 and 10 months I made the decision to quit tobacco completely and it was some more shake that helped me overcome tobacco.